The 2015 Houston Aeronautics Symposium: The Art Of Flying


I learned a few years ago from the 2015 Houston Aeronautics Symposium I attended that Aeronautics was a big word with a large scope. It did not only mean learning how to fly but also understanding why planes fly and the art of flying appropriately into the air.


The field of aeronautics is the study, manufacture, and design of planes, helicopters, and other aviation vehicles. It also involves research into procedures for aviation operations in the earth’s atmosphere. An aeronautical engineer utilizes the concepts and principles of engineering to make new aircraft that is modernized and sophisticated. These engineers have learned and comprehended four primary areas for them to design and build planes. The four elements are:

Aerodynamics. It is the study of the movement of air within an airplane. The airflow must be studied so that the engineers can determine the shape of the airplane or aircraft. All major parts of the plane, such as the wings, the main body or fuselage, and the tail, impact the way air moves within the aircraft.

Structures And Materials

To be able to fly efficiently, the engineer must know the materials to be used for the plane to make it strong enough to be flown. The stability and strength of the aircraft depend on the materials that are used to build the wings, engine, and the tail. Metals and composites make up most of the planes of today.


This deals with the process of designing an engine that provides the force needed for the aircraft to take off into the air. Propulsion is the element that pushes the engineers to choose the appropriate engine that a plane needs.


Control And Stability

These two elements determine the direction, speed, altitude that impact the flight of the plane. The engineer makes the controls necessary for the flight, providing the instruments that will be used by the pilot within the plane’s cockpit. The pilot then utilizes these materials to control the mobility and stability of the plane while flying.


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