What’s Life Outside Earth?

You might probably wonder if there are tens of billions of planets outside space that you didn’t know. Well, maybe there is. There may be a planet that looks the same as earth. But as we all know, here on earth, life begins as soon as it could. We know that around three and a half billion years ago, hundreds of comets bombarded earth with tons of water. Then some volcanoes popped up on the surface of the planet. You seemingly have a lot of questions about how the earth formed itself and your friends and family also believe the same way about what’s beyond the universe.

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Before we even know earth, thousands of lives belong to it, and some of that species become intelligent. As an intelligent species evolve, humans become the only ones capable of having an existential crisis. That is the reason why we badly do not want to live on earth alone. As science becomes the foundation of all the studies we have on the planet, we try to venture out and look for other intelligent life in outer space. But, what exactly are we searching for? Can we determine what other forms of intelligent life would look like?


The reason for launching spacecraft that fly by rocket and sits in a habitable zone of the universe is mainly for surveying other existing ones. The first thing we would perhaps see is the water covering the planet. Yes, we know that there are too much methane and oxygen in the atmosphere. But, why is that? Is there something that covers the land and absorbing a ton of red light from the sun? Experts say that some planets are screaming with radio signals. But how can people determine that? We can assume that the nearest Earth-like planet might be approximately 12 billion light years away from us. That is about 20,000-year travel that a spacecraft will pay attention and look forward in the future.

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Back in the days, the Galileo spacecraft flew by earth to give us an idea of what we would see in the outer space when we find a planet that holds life. The search for different life-forms starts by looking at the earth. It becomes comparable because there is no certainty that life form in the outer space might be the same as life on the planet we are living. Well, assuming that things out there are somehow the same as us, we would become the alien landing on other species’ planet.

The Search In The Outer Space

The key to finding another planet is through the access of radio signals. Without it, a life form might be indistinguishable in the galaxy. Fortunately, earth and the people in it are not invisible. That is because we have been beaming out daily signals out in the universe for over a century now. Though results have not been that good, there is a better impression of what the outer space might have to offer. If radio waves are visible in an instant, other planets would have been brighter than the sun.

Assuming that there are other lives out there; wouldn’t they be curious about knowing that they are not the only ones existing? Will they have the same feeling we have as to see whether we’re alone in the universe? Perhaps it is a question that you would want to receive an answer. The world out there represents a different approach. However, as we all know, the only development we can process is listening and looking for new things. That is by messaging and searching for extra-terrestrial intelligence that belongs in different planets.

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The Earth’s Life

You might already know this, but life on earth expires. There will come a time in billions and trillion years in the future; the earth will no longer sustain life on its own. Well, not because the planet needs to, but because humans already decide for it to happen. After hundreds of billion years, the sun will be able to gulp the earth and only leave hazardous chemicals around its surface. Yes, it won’t matter as of the moment because forms of lives here on earth will be long gone before the sun could start taking its toll. We don’t know how long the civilization will last. There’s no assurance of us getting found by other forms of life in the outer space and vice versa.

Life on earth already belongs to old age. Well, no one is certain about it, but proofs of losing enough resources might become a hint. So maybe after spending thousands of years looking for another established planet can become successful one day. Let’s hope it happens before we finally destroy everything that’s beneficial here on earth. Because if not, we can expect that the only purpose of a living will be survival.

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