Alien Implants In The Human Body And The Link With Mental Health


With the uprising trend on the number of mental health cases, medical professionals are on their toes in finding a cure to address this problem. Due to the severity of some situations and reoccurrences of most cases, it can be stated that therapy and medication are not enough, which is why ideas and ideas are pouring in in a hope to put to an end to this phenomenon.

One of the noteworthy theories about mental health solution is that of Dr. Roger Leir. His specialization has to do with diagnosing mental illness and implants removal on people who claimed that aliens had imprisoned them.

Instead of going against the patient’s claim and putting a label on the patient of having a mental illness, Dr. Leir tried a different approach.


Mental Health Issues Caused By Alien Implants

Dr. Leir started using body images in his study to identify the location and remove the foreign object of the individual’s body. His patients were saying that aliens have implanted something into their bodies which lead them to feel and act weird or far from the usual. The patients here were recommended to undergo some physical testing and extreme psychological testing. Below are some of Dr. Leir’s findings:

  1. Individuals who have claimed that they have alien implants are displaying symptoms of mental disturbance.
  2. There is no physical evidence of an insertion point in the body.
  3. When the patient identified the part where the implant was inserted, no scars or any tissue deformation found on the exact spot.
  4. Proprioceptive nerve fibers are present in the object’s interface.
  5. The said inserted object is usually covered with a membrane that enables it to resist the surgical scalpel cutting.
  6. The found object was detected with frequencies that are used or can be used in far distance transmission.
  7. The found object is being made out of carbon nanotubes as was discovered under electron microscopy.
  8. The isotopic ratios of the object are unfamiliar but not terrestrial. This is according to the third party researchers in Los Alamos National Laboratory.
  9. The object is composed of unfamiliar materials and most likely out of a sophisticated machine. It is not feasible for the human body. It is well made, can send signals and very unfamiliar.

The Possibility Of Fraud

There is this possibility that the doctor himself is a fraud. Upon checking his background, Dr. Leir is a licensed podiatrist and have been working in the surgical field for a significant amount of time. He holds a prestigious position, and have been teaching medical students for years already. With this prestige and honor and with the theories he has been pointing out, it would tarnish his reputation. But still, he chose to stand in on what he believes in.

There is a possibility that he had implanted the materials himself into his patients. He is a surgeon and would know how to make surgical marks disappear. He also knows several techniques on how to avoid making surgical marks. Is it possible that he is making all these to redirect the medical field’s attention away from finding the ultimate cure for mental health issues?

His findings were consistent that you would have a hard time making your point with him. He knows his evidence pretty well that your argument would lay flat nothing to his findings.

Another possibility is that the implants may be genuine and that aliens hoaxed Dr. Leir.

With the physical evidence presented, there is indeed a huge possibility the alien implants are possible. With this, the following hypotheses are formulated.

  1. The hoaxers are utilizing materials that are entirely out of this world. And that the Los Alamos laboratory was also affected by the said hoax.
  2. Tiny scalar antennas were used in sending messages from the planet to the outer space. Such technology is far advanced compared to the technology that is present here on Earth.
  3. This fake alien thing was set up to mess up with the possible victim, making them think that they are a target for alien abduction.

Another possibility is that the implants are indeed genuine and have originated from other planets.

As of this point, no one can tell which is which. Everything is being tested and into observation. But the bottom line is, the idea of having foreign intervention in humankind is causing mental disorders on some people.

The Reason Why It Is Not A Public Health Concern

The idea of having aliens messing people around with health concerns may be far from reality. But still, medical professionals are not closing their doors on this possibility. Tests and studies are even being conducted to uncover the truth regarding this matter further.

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