Month: April 2020

Beginners’ Guide To Metaphysics



A group of philosophers held the 2017 Metaphysics Conference in our city. As a curious being, of course, I had to get a ticket to that event. It would be mental to pass up an opportunity to hear professionals talk about philosophical matters that I had always been interested in.
Considering this is the first time you hear the term metaphysics, don’t worry. Allow me to answer a few questions around it.
What Is Metaphysics?
Metaphysics is practically the framework of philosophy. It used to have a small part in the works of Aristotle, who named it as “first philosophy.” However, a misinterpretation occurred in Medieval times, and people then believed that metaphysics studied ideas that go beyond the physical level.
What Are The Metaphysics Branches?
• Ontology explores our existence and being. It tries to classify living things based on physical, mental, or psychological aspects. Experts in this field also want to figure out why such matters change and when.
• Theology studies religion and divinity. You may have commonly heard priests and ministers majoring in Theology before moving forward with their vocation. These folks ought to understand the nature of creation and spirituality extensively to be able to spread the word of God effectively.
• Universal Science deals with topics such as the law of noncontradiction. It aims to explain our actions in the real logical sense.


Is Spirituality Synonymous To Metaphysics?
No, spirituality is profoundly different from metaphysics. The former is based on a person’s beliefs and experiences. Meanwhile, the latter can help you understand why a person believes in certain things.
Final Thoughts
I know that we have not even scratched the surface with such pieces of information above. As a foundation of philosophy, metaphysics is impossible to explain in one sitting. Hopefully, however, this article has made you want to learn more about the topic.